Close ups Long Walking Tale

Golden rod gall, cotton, sinew black thread on walnut dye drawing paper with machine stitching. 

Duck feathers given to me in the pocket, stick in eco dyed paper on a map, wooden button sewed  over dyed walnut paper and handmade paper with denim and pineapple leaves. 

Cat tail leave handmade papers, india ink on drawing paper, gesso on brown Kraft paper, and some sticks stitched on. 
Eco dyed papers, handmade raw cotton, book pages and a wooden leaf. 

India Ink on drawing paper, eco dyed papers, cotton and hand made papers. 

Black Walnut dyed papers that was crinckled first, India Ink and some eco dyed coffee filters with white parchment papers with gesso on it.  

Soon I'll have them hanging and will have a photo of all three together.  Plan is to have them in a show come this June at Tall Grass Art Association. 


  1. ...feels like you're connecting with your roots.

  2. Feels like you're connecting with some raw root whole natural true materials from your beginnings...

    1. thanks and I'm enjoying the vertical format.

  3. Love the fabulous gleanings from your nature walks woven into your earthy, organic collages. The vertical format is so cool. Love your blog and hearing about your life & creativity. Blessings to you from Tucson, Arizona.

    1. Oh our warm one...thanks for stopping in and taking a walkabout here.

  4. Its torture to simply look at them. I want to TOUCH!
    Simply stunning collection of textures, Laura.


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