A Collage Maker and a Paper Alchemist

I name myself.....or I should say what I do...A collage maker and a paper alchemist

and what  does that mean all together?

Being a entrepreneur...a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater then normal financial risks in order to do so.  had to though that in there because if you an artist you have area's in your job where there's less income coming in...so you create other business to keep the stream of income flowing...

I called myself a collage maker...I'm really in love with the process of it all and I believe a maker of things, or old school wordage is craftsman or craftsperson. Working with my hands has always been a must do.  And I love of attaching things, tie knots, threads, and fibers.

And the love of paper started long time ago I remember smelling the coloring book as I sat at the dining room table surrounded but plants in my Grandfather house off of Ogden Ave by Fairview Ave.  There was a distinct smell and set me off into a state of openness...if that sound right?  it took me out of all other place and brought me to my imagination...a place I so like to go too even to this day.

The word recently popped into my head it was Paper Alchemist...I'm a paper alchemist, I like that word and what it represents for me...A Paper Alchemist is one that loves to be in the process of transformation, creation and or connection with paper, seemingly creating a magical space with paper and it's surface. 

Transforming the surface of paper....one way. 

On my walk this morning in the woods....I took a section from the scroll I'm working with and drew some symbols on there and roll it back up with a rubber band and tucked it in my pocket.  As I walked around the first time I observed look at the ground as I took steps.   Then I came upon an area where a tree was cut down and the sawdust was there. took my paper and rubbed in and started altering the color of the paper.  Then I came to the creek and saw Algae in there ?  Yes the green slimy stuff.   so I dipped it in and then I took the paper wet and rubbed in to the pea gravel and now I will let it dry and wait for inspiration and my intuitive nature to step in...I'm finding these scroll sketches work best when I allow things happen and not force it.

Artist in the process of evolving in the state of change...like the world alway rotating around...


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