Why would an artist do that?

So this is the plan.....

I started with 13 piece of multi media paper I got clearance awhile back at our local Michael's. I think the roll of paper is about 4 foot tall...had to stretch it out to relax it a bit...kept rolling up.  I had no set size just eye balled them.  I gave them each a coat of polymer because...well I don't know, just did.  And last night as I was winding down from the day I decided to start. Instead of knitting I sit and watch a little TV and collage sketch.   I needed a sturdy surface to work on so I cut a piece of Gator board I had and tapped my first sheet to the board.  Grabbed my box of magazine pages I was saving for collage meditation or collage sketching like this.

1. I went through the box and pulled out a few papers...I always tell my student just pick about 5-7 piece otherwise you have way to many choices.   Well did I listen to myself?  No but I did focus on only a few piece of paper to start things off.

2. Somewhere in looking through the magazine papers to start with I saw a image of another artist's work with a black line...well there's  your sign...or inspiration...a black line...so from the I started creating one side of it and then the other....and stopped where it stands now. Got to tired and need to go to bed.

3.  When I finish this collage sketch...I call it collage sketch because these collage made with magazines only will be my inspiration for other pieces. Instead of inspiration coming other sources this will be where I will look for it and make another one and see how it evolves.

Setting myself up with a problem...how darn I do that to myself.  Some may call it a challenge/assignment...but the truth is I don't really know where I or their going. It's a plan and unlocking the direction will be the part I get to solve as an artist.   I'm planting the seed of inspiration.

Oh I'm sure these piece will have some connections with inner and outer emotions and feelings.

Why would an artist do that, set themselves up for a problem to be solved?   I know why but do you?


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