Collage Sketch #2

Learning to Trust Again 
collage has only magazines glue stick and on watercolor paper. 

I'm at a point in my life where I will be on a trust walk again where things are happening and I'm in great uncertainty along side my loved one who is really going through a job change...The collage sketching has been art therapy for me...I too may have to make a job change...some thing weekly and collect a pay check.  I have to admit it sounds exciting.  Though I do have many streams of income with the art career its not much to support much.  Double duty might be what I'll be doing too. 

I sat today writing up a job resume,  one that shows the line of work I've been doing...I've sent in to Micheal's and Ikea...I would love to work at either putting the good word out. 

I know this quote " change and uncertainty are enviable, it's just a dance of energy...


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