Black and White....the beauty with Gray

This is number 5 of the sketches I'm in the process of creating for personal inspiration in other works,  8 more to go but who's counting...?  Me. 

Putting words and numbers in artwork can be fun to do for the artist but then it can be limiting to the amount of viewers.  Because art is so personal for the artist to created and for the collect to own, works like this with the word No many have a harder time finding a home.  

But why would I want to dis it before a larger piece would be created?   just thoughts that run through the head, other's words which when it comes down to the moment that these piece are created it truly is further from my mind.  More so it's about making peace and sense with the inner feelings and the outer circumstances.  The unity, the connections, the simply just making sense of it all. 

I try not to watch the news or listen to it....but it seep in from others opinions about it...What I hear and is it the truth?'s to thick to waste time with.   So as I ramble about making sense....I was preparing dinner and brought my sketching paper, magazine, glue stick, sand paper and scissors to the kitchen and pulled the papers of black and white plus others that would fit from my collections of magazine papers. After dinner I sat and did the collage sketch. 

I was thinking of Quads too and what to do differently in these sections, how to keep them separate but yet merge them together.  


  1. Your lovely artwork will resonate with exactly the right collector in a heartbeat!
    And I am with you regarding the news.


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