The Creative Process when you feel like S#it

So this was going to be a bigger piece....late start yesterday afternoon, when I normal create the tack down Tuesday piece.  There was a few ideas floating around and neither of them came close to what I had wanted or expected.  Now I know at a certain point there are time when the piece tells me what and where things should be...but this one was all over the place and not making any sense of anything.

Making Shit...them's the facts.

So what do you do?  First off stop...and hope in the morning there might be a glimmer of something. Sad to say there's not much that is stimulating me about this piece.  When you're trying to do to many things in really it has a way to be so connected in the inner life. So when I express...outwardly I will get some Shit...sorry for being so in your face about this but if I can't be honest  with myself then where can I.  I can't say it was an experiment even well Yes I can.  I know I was just going through the motion...with out emotion and the connection wasn't there.

Things were getting covered up and built up again in hopes of becoming something else.  Most times this works...I get inspired by what changes I made and take off in that direction.

So how you not let it seep in and make you feel like you are Shit yourself as of taking this all so personal..Heck making art is personal so why wouldn't be connected.

Process.  Not the instant stuff...we are so use to having around us in our everyday life..from our computers, photo's etc.   This is about process taking a step sometimes forward to realize you need to go back a few and then step forward again.  Always being a beginner...

Mine mind is on finishing a piece that is to be the third of a series and I can't get to it...Holiday, personal wants are in the frustrated mode now...and I think that is what came out in this piece above. I want to be able to do things when I want to and I am able to sometimes.   Inner kid crying out...

So how do you not feel like your personal Shit as the Creative process describes.  What I'm seeing is we have to go thru that process to.  I'm fortune to have some of my work hanging on the walls of the homestead here which helps me see, how I feel isn't true. Also not every piece of art that I create will be a masterpiece and be loved by all. That's just not reality.

I took a picture of it so that I can share this with you all.  Yes showing myself,  I'm just a creative soul seeking connection with my art and life and when it doesn't meet that to is the messy bits of life that are going to make the other parts so much better.

To stop would be the knife to the heart which would lead to outward disasters and begin again is the most positive approach and the first mindful ingredient of life.

Off to wrap some gift to ship out and possible play around with stuff in the studio  


  1. Advice from elder artists....when a piece is shit get ready of it don't let it linger you thoughts or space in the studio...cut it up, tear it up and honor it for what it helped you get through and be ready to begin again...ALWAYS!


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