Riding Lesson Last Night

As I rambled about yesterday and the many things on the list to do...this was one of them at the end of the night.  Horseback riding lesson on Wednesday night...and this is Lee, a big boy and I believe a Quarter horse....need a whole class and study about this stuff but I'm doing at a slower manageable pace.

Had some drama in the Area though...You see Lee's a fella that is a lead trail horse...and he's good that, though that means he's not to friendly with some of the other Geldings.  So as a more season rider-Darlene purchased a horse a few months ago, she is getting him use to the whole area and riding. Well a new experience with Lee and Herbie...as Herbie her horse was having some issue and then when I tried to pass Lee got in to his staging mode and reared up his hind end and kicked the wall. I think...and wanted to keep that going but I was able to stay on and move him a way and stop him...while the check on Herbie...then the trainer had to work with Herbie and find out what the issue was with the area in the one back corner and get him to work with it...But what I noticed with the behavior of Lee...he just wasn't putting up with any one around him.  And this gave me a chance to work with  keeping him away from the horses.  Plus I happy to say the canter part of things I wasn't so afraid and was able to get him up into the canter...just have to keep working on the kiss sound to keep him going..though there were moments I felt I was on a barrel racing horse and had to slow him down....I felt there was some pinned up energy going on with Lee. But who am I, just a beginner.

What does this have to do with Art and Life...discipline and progress not perfection. I want to do better I want to be able some day to hop on any horse and ride and know what I'm doing.  So I've sent  out  good intention or some may say a goal to seek.   So that means there is a journey involved here. A process, taking small steps to learn more.


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