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The last section of my vision board....This woman smiling warm, reading and a cup of something....for what ever reason that image was attractive now I get it....I've been reading so much about things of my own personal interest and worldly too.  I treated myself to this Magazine, YES!...they are celebrating 20 years of Solutions Journalism..... Oh my Gosh !   I heard of this magazine a while back....it was brought to my attention because of the Standing Rock ND.   I've never read a magazine cover to cover but this one..I'm hooked.  

From the Editors of the magazine, 

A Woman from Oglala Lakota Tribe, SD Pine Ridge Res. Shared, "No one's going to care about our community as much as we do. So we are the ones who have to take ownership." Through understanding our place and building  power together, we can fix what's broken in our small parts of the world regardless of who inhabits the White House.  

My son locates utilities for a village he works for...and the amount of piping underground right around our own neighborhoods is unbelievable he shared and the one's that we don't even know about that are leaking now and we won't know about for years and are already effecting our water table now.

From the article... The Revolution Where you live...The U.S. Army Corps of Eng. had fast-tracked approval for the pipeline, which was to carry 450,000 barrels per day of pressurized fracked oil from the Bakken oil fields of North Dakota to Illinois, where it would like to another pipeline what would carry it to the Gulf of Mexcio....My personal question is why do we need to carry to the gulf...?  to sell it some one else?

The bigger changing story...Standing Rock is an unfolding story, very much in progress, of what is might mean to put people first, along with a stable climate and a livable world for future generations. It offers a glimpse of how we might live together, while also protection other forms of life.

Today, the urgent need for change and the societal anxiety have only increased, creating fertile ground for the rise of a demagogue like DT...(I won't mention his name) But as the lock hold of the status quo loosens, generative change also becomes more possible and we can see that positive alternatives were arising from the creativity and fresh leadership emerging everywehre, especially at the grassroots.

The stories that guide out lives are shifting....The rise of indigenous leadership is influencing many as they rethink what's important.

A statement from Standing Rock, Caro Gonzales, "We are fighting for ourselves, and we're fighting for our Mother Earth, and that's one and the same."

Sarah Van Gelder Editor and co-founder of Yes! Shares this, after a 12,000 mile journey through New America.  "Everywhere I went, I found that the most profound change was happening at the community level. Evolutionary change, starting in communities, is our only option. Only When power is widely distributed and only when people work together to create the world they want to live in-only then can transformation be deep  and holistic while  also begin liberating, compassionate and inclusive.

When we spend time with each other, learning  about one another and the complex realities of individual lives, we keep the power widely distributed and we have a much better chance of creating a positive change.

When the worlds wealth and power are put  in the hands of the few - Neoliberalism....The triple evils, Martin Luther King Jr. spoke of: Racism, Poverty and Militarism. Since these stories and policies are human-made, we have it with in our power to tell new stories and to create different institutions. In our communities, we are doing this work, acting together to put people and Mother Earth first.

Personal tidbits
I find reading this material that keeps my attention so strongly that I keep reading and hungry for more truth like this cuts deep to my core...real stuff real people that are making change and it  makes a difference, it empowers me to continue my own beliefs and inner change on how I need to see with different eyes and a fresh perspective.

Sarah shares....The young people that are standing up to attack dogs, determined to protect the water Here hope lines in the solidarity, hundreds of tribes, and thousands of individual have stepped up...a Revolution. She shares though as she writes...the outcome is uncertain.

So what do I make my life about?  I've always have had a connection with Nature, people and the hard working effort to live in each day.  Can I continue to create artwork about this to bring awareness, sure can and have been doing it in my own little way.  Well I don't know were I'm at now as I end this post...I'm in an awakening of spirit I guess you would say...the truth and real people of this world.



  1. Spending time learning about each other. YES! And learning about our pasts to prepare us for our uncertain futures. I just read an excerpt from a book, THE PATH: WHAT CHINESE PHILOSOPHERS CAN TEACH US ABOUT THE GOOD LIFE. "Why can't I figure out who I am and what I want to do? Our answer: read Confucius, Mencius, Zhuangzi. The Western emphasis on self-discovery and self-acceptance has led many of us astray. We shouldn't be looking for our essential self, let alone seeking to embrace it, because there is no true, unified self to begin with. As Confucius understood, human beings are messy, multidimensional creatures, a jumble of conflicting emotions and capabilities living in a messy, ever-changing world. We are who we are by constantly reacting to one another. Looking within is dangerous. Instead of struggling to be authentic, Confucius proposed another approach: 'as if' rituals, that is, rituals meant to break us out of our own reality for a moment. These rituals are the very opposite of authenticity - and that makes them work. We break from who we are when we note the unproductive patterns we've fallen into and actively work to shift them - 'as if' we were different people in that moment...
    Don't be confined by what you're good at, and do a lot of pretending. There's a reason that so many Nobel prize winners and grass roots activists are also musicians, artists, actors, writers and dancers. It's that a breadth of experiences and perspectives helps break them out of their pathways and see new connections and opportunities everywhere."
    So go ahead, deliberately break with what you think you know about yourself!

    1. Wow... Got me thinking, love. The awareness of "who we are is about all that we've been reacting to throughout our lives". Deep sounds like a good book.

  2. Great post today Laura, could you give me the name of the magazine please? I couldn't find it under Solutions Journalism......thanks

    1. Hi Anna, the magazine is Yes! http://www.yesmagazine.org/

    2. thank you....


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