Gathering materials...Can't wait

I'm such a goofy sometimes as of it's the holidays and I'm off thinking weeks ahead....I've got a hard time staying present.  Well I'm not sure if that's it I'm there but always having to think in advances for the next job or opportunity...I think I'll be going through withdraws some day...if I every retire.

I had some gift cards left over for Barnes and Nobel's and I went crazy and purchase some great magazine to cut and tear up...that's right it was about 80.00 worth...scary I know but the magazine will still be used through out the year and I'm planning on learning a few things from them to.  So no great loss.  

For the class I've got small jars to share the Yes Glue with everyone.  I was going to use the glue stick but though for larger areas the yes glue is great.

Well off to frame my piece of art I created today for Tack Down Tuesday....had a great time warm in the studio.


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