Back in the Saddle

Feeling like a little Kid only because of the playfulness of the Painted Pony's Illustrative  appearance. Tonight if the Horseback Riding Lesson isn't called off I'm hoping that I can talk to the gal that had Cloud to hear more about his/her character so I can see how to add the war paint on.  The ring around the eye is to symbolize alert vision,  and if it's around the nose, alert sense of smell.  

Too funny, how synchronicity works.  I just got the call that lesson were cancelled tonight because of the freezing temps outside. And the person I talked to was Alexia and it was her I was able to chat with her about the character or nature of this four legged friend. She shared that in fact Cloud is a male and well in my artwork Cloud will be a female. This is what Alexia shared, Cloud was easy going and was purchased for a trail horse but he didn't like to be outside, sensitive fella.  So he was used for the kids lessons which he was really good with them. He got along with other horse really well and had the ability to open doors and untie knots.  It was shared that he like to have his harness off when in the pasture and he was known to take the harness off the other horse in the pasture. (thanks so much for sharing Alexia)

Right  now the horse collage piece above is separate from the artwork. A glazing of black acrylic and glazing medium was applied and rubbed off.  This does give a grunge look and also helps build the character of the piece.  I will add small Cotton wood image transfer leaves to the body and the other symbolism that I hope can honor his character and if not at lest you know the store of this Intelligent Creature. 

This was my first one and you can see the symbolism on her, the feather in the mane and the strips on the front legs and the image transfers of the Shaggy Bark Hickory Tree.  Cloud will be accompanied by Cottonwoods leaves as mentioned. 
From my knowledge the Cottonwood Tree is picked for the center pole of the Sun Dance circle I'll have to look this up I think in the book Black Elk Speaks there is reference about I think..memory is failing. Here a better explanation Wiwang Wacipi 
Love the symbolism of all this and how nature is so tied in. 

Each piece is 24 x 36 on wood panels 


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