Working the Gesso

 Linda working with the bowl spreader to apply the gesso to the surface of the found papers. Pushing back the words or notes on the sheet music just there not so prominent but faintly still there.
 Carol is using a lego to stamp in with gesso and also to subtract some of the gesso on the surface of these found papers.

 Once dried the color can be added.

Sample of some of the papers made for the Art of Layering class, we won't need lots of paper but it's always good to loosen up and play a bit and move that material across the page then add color...lots of excitement at this point of the class.

Making papers like this is call we work a medium of sort on to the surface which we purposefully try not to cover completely with the gesso or polymer is the resist medium then when color comes on it isn't allow to soak in to the areas where the gesso or polymer has been dried resisting the process of soaking in...which then instantly give us value if we need that in our work later of that color.


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