Re-Cap from the Floating Collage Weekend

Here is the group that I spent the weekend with, Starting on Friday, from left to right, Eileen, Patsy, Eva, Denise (hiding), myself, Paula,Nancy and Jan up front, Tom in back, Marion back up front, Lisa, Melissa and Chris who shared the images with me below, I'm so grateful...she took pictures because I left my camera card in my computer. I'm not sure who each of these Red Roofs are but you can see that we all started with the same thing a Red Roofs. 

Everyone starts off with a small sheet of painted red drawing paper that then they can fold to their roof.  The emphasis is on wabi sabi, meaning the imperfect of this is perfect...and allow the character to be stronger.   We take each step together so that everyone can understand. Elementary but it really helps the whole process.  They had all watched me all morning creating this piece. 

The piece is two layers on top of each other and the whole Idea is to use the outside edges and make the just as important as the subject matter inside...Spring Blossom.  

Now the Red Roofs...I think we're missing one.. 

The piece of watercolor paper we started off with was only a 3 x 4 piece and everything is built upon that and the practice of hanging over the edges for this workshop was emphasized.   I love this part of the workshop as they make whining sounds their not liking what is going on because it's not perfect then end up with these wonderful lovely character filled little Red Roofs...I told them they are now part of the Red Roof Society as of learning the process of tacking down and glazing etc.   No Red Hats here...just the Red Roofs.


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