Our Cattail Basin,

 They've already came out and tried to do a burn on the cattails but the just don't seem to take like a burn in the woods.  We/Husband and I think it sucks up the moisture in the cattail reeds or as the call it wick up the mositure and then it puts the fire out.  All to tame the sediment that is building up now for about 13 years.
 Here is a will tree that is growing across from the house it's also about 11years old.
 When the Burn Company came they must of mashed the Muskrat lodge there cause when I walked up there it was all caved in.  Or some did that because there pretty good builders and make a home like a beaver almost.
 Then you have people that think tossing out a Cinder block in here is where to get rid of it.   NOT people...it's not a dump site please...I saw more people sticks in there too from their own yard and trees, leave and grass dumpings....only takes a few and then we're all doing it again dumping.

 This is on of the drain pipe that come into the Cattail basin...the sediment was below the pipe at ground level...at this point it's hard for much come through....

 Side view of the same drain pipe... People though there tree logs in there Why ? I don't know..though they will decompose but not fast enough.

 this is another drain that is block up by gravel?  don't know what happened there.

Here is My collecting of clean up today. I'm happy to report that the plastic bag count is down...there usually are three to four and there full to the top.  And the recycling bin has been topped. 


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