Centering Down after a great week

It always amazing me when even you make some choices to do some self care good things you still need that time to center down as of come in be silent and have some solitude with yourself to process all that just became the past.

Great time in class on Monday...we has a good two hour frenzy of Collage Paper the deep connection I had when creating my Tack Down Tuesday.

on through the week a good horse back riding lesson and experience a tall strong feisty horse that I could only just trot with ...Cantor I was a bit scared about.  making progress.

Thrusday night I experience A Gong Bath that was so great...I know my  I was cleansed...the next day not one body part was speaking cool

And Friday night a Drumming session...I slept so good and the rhythm still is beating strong in my body...

Traveled up to Wisconsin to visit my parents and see a the first flea market in Princeton but we chatted so long that time passes and was what we were to do...Then traveled home all in on day...

Time to center down.....get a bit homesteading  and recharge the energy levels and sit in gratitude...allowing it to softly be a great week.


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