Photo's now Process chatter latter...

Karen has the tables all set up for us with our supplies. Names on the pizza box which was a great Idea to use for the wonderful pouring mess was contained.

We were asked to apply some collage papers with the yes glue mixture that Crystal Neubauer uses...Glazing medium and Yes great.

Mixing pouring medium with different acrylics some transparent other not all in aspect of testing things out to see how it work and what effect you get.

Using fancy tools like Popsicle sticks and toothpicks ...loving it, Karen moved the mixture around trying to control some sections while little go of others.

Truly playing with this, Now she uses tar gel medium mixed with acrylics to string it round on the surfaces.
Dropping acrylic inks and alcohol on the surface and watch the effect you get.

Time to let it dry...and see what happens...too thick, we had to watch out so the substrate stay flat we had a few spills but the you have to let it be.

Karen, and Frankie...our main gals here...I wasn't sure of the others...was so busy creating myself I didn't get a chance to see what was going on.

Oh a few more drops of some iridescent inks.

Pouring just the medium so that you have clear areas.

The milky areas will dry clear.

Again bring in the tar gel mixed with the Acrylics to make the fine lines.

Here is a start of one of mine.

Adding in some more color and string etc.   Not sure what I was planning many explore and playing around.

Well the Gelli plates came out and look out I couldn't get enough of it...I do love to print.

Making one print and then the ghost print...
Now cleaning up the plates. So very cool how this Gelli plate works.

So we were to start with a reference....have to admit I was a bit scared not been really drawing.  We started with a printed back ground then I added some collage paper and more printing and then draw out the nuthatch and then watered the charcoal area do create a wash and some kind of value.

Karen with our awesome Dog pictures.

My finished piece...Using some extra color.

Had to share Karen's finished piece...just love the way she use color and there some printing in the back ground and the bits of paper too here and there.  The dog was red color but in the photo 's black and white.
Walking first this morning before to much computer work takes a morning round of gals from an Artist Way class that I'm dying to hear what they have been up to and then on to the tasks at and will fill in the photo's later.. 


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