Saturday Morning Date with the Husband

So I've been talking about them....Horse that is and I'm sure all my family knows now I'm flowing some kind of crazy path with them.  Every where I turn lets say I'm ready to see the connection or open enough to.  Nothing to fear but to move forward on it.
So the husband said a few days ago that he would take me on the bike...and if the weather was good then we could that. Well must have been in the plans because that's just what we did. Left early after my mother in law came to pick up Hoby her dog and we got dressed and head out on the motorcycle.

 Kane County Fair Grounds holds many events, flea markets to quilt show...and now it was the Festival of Horse and Drums.  Well when we got there right away had to find the bathrooms...darn it never pass one up.   So then what was close by was the Tipi, or is it Tepee...I've seen it spelled these two ways.  Never know which one is right.    See the trailer they used there on the left to pull the long poles.  A couple our age that comes to the Pow Wow's and sets up their tipi.   Nomadic Tipi Makers is the company one could...if they wished to purchase one. This is so wild because I'm revisiting some wishful dreams when I see one.

 They had their wares out to show and probably the regalia for later that day in the Pow Wow.  The woman who owned the tipi shared that this was a Blackfoot tipi design painted and they traded for the clothing she creates.
 I always wondered...still learning at my age if they close the top, I'm sure they do when it rains...there's two really long poles that are connected on the other side or propped up to keep the flaps open.
 So I've been in a tipi before and just fell in love with it...that's what started my first wishful dream about them. And then yesterday I was invited in to see the inside of this one...I wanted to take picture but it was their home and thought not a good be respectful. So let say it was big and there was a nice fire with a coffee pot and a buffalo hide on an air mattress. Well that's what she told me she need for her arthritis. Can't blame a woman for that can you?
 I took a picture of the way the stakes and post are...also if you see the under tarp there closes to the ground that's a sheath of sort...not sure if that's the right name for it but the sheath is to keep the heat in and add an insulation barrier.

 There was a pop up gallery of sort there from the St. Charles Artist association...I sure I got the name wrong but it was great to see the artwork there...though there was some awesome work there of horse the husband and I were attracted this these.

 A few pictures of these find creature preforming in one of the arena's ...Love the hair flowing from the mane, tail and feet...There would be a big show in the evening but we won't be sticking around that long.

 So from time to time I gift myself with some from art sales etc. and I came across this booth where it was a husband and wife...Steve and Vicki Trout....Black Stone Drums  Well I could have picked a Raven which was what brought me in to the booth then I was looking at the artwork of the horses and kept coming back to this one...intuition or what...? don't know but trusted the gut and picked it.  Steve said that he was very excited about this drum and the sound it made as it's one of the first ones that he's made with Moose hide and he likes what's it's like to work with...Moose hide that's another animal I've worked with the energy with a while back and even created a piece of artwork myself...small connection every where. 
It is now hanging my Studio wall waiting for a proper place soon as when I flip the space I'll be displaying it with honor and using it I'm sure of.

To get right sometimes when I'm way off balance with life and all that has me spinning around I will do an meditation of sorts and smudging...when I saw this made from a gourd and the turkey feather I was in awe...I had to have it so the other works were awesome that these ladies made but this was an gift to a part of me that is awaking all over again. 

On the way home we stopped at American Sciences and Surplus...found me some more fold out fans for friends who are also experience the wonders of change and hot flashes...and the husband was just enjoying himself looking at all the cool stuff in there. Me I did purchase some more stuff...darn it but it was small and only good use for the small glass bottles I have...I purchased cork stopper for them...the last time the husband was there he bought me the little bottles but forgot the stoppers which are in a whole different isle.

Home we went stopped and had lunch at our quick favorite...Bakers Square and then up stairs to the studio I went to start on the artwork deframing some of it...repurposing my own art.

Today I prepare for my class tomorrow and ground myself with homestead chores...Grateful and loved.


  1. What an absolutely perfect day! On many levels.

  2. Great day! Love hearing about it all...


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