Learning about urban art....

 I took the second class/workshop with KenT Youngstorm he spell is name with the Capital T  and had a great time...good group of women there too. I have a tendency to hunker down and get into my own work when I'm taking a workshop and soak it all in and put into good use.   This was really cool to do as of just put some thing on the surface...no rules, no direction....Go with it and crash into the surface or substrate. The substrate I worked with here is Roofing paper...Oh so cool...just loving the feel of it, I know I'll be creating some more soon.  Well when KenT was talking about Urban art it wasn't really about creating a city effect.  But it is from the city it was born.. When you think of Urban art what is it you really think about?   Graffiti comes to my mind. Letters words and images with some awesomely bold colors too. (My thoughts)  With our own supplies and plus what he brought for us to try it was really very exciting.

I didn't use the rust effect  stuff... Cool that it was...I just wasn't drawn to it.. Crazy I know but just was something I wasn't drawn to yesterday.    Little did I know that KenT has a circle things and warms up by making lots of circles and there in his work a lot too. I had made this stamp a while back...so it just felt fitting and then he asked me about the circles too.

Which I was thinking about shapes on my walk this morning in the rain...My grandfather taught me to see with shapes...if your going to draw something break it down with shapes and it makes it easier to understand and draw... so I've always done that and shapes have a meaning I think too. I love a good square  and a hardy chunky circle too.  What do I feel when I use those shapes?  A Square makes me feel balanced and equal all things are as they should be...and a Circle has the unity going on and it's about bringing of things together so to speak.. Rambling I know but think about what shape you like and what it makes you feel like when you use it and possible why you may use it?  After walking on this meditation of shapes more might come later but had me going so much so that I did a few sketches.


So I saw the red cluster of the Jack in Pulpit leaning over about to complete it's cycle, and the rain was pouring down with the little Voles crossing the pea gravel path... as introduction was being carried out, quickly I sketched what I had saw in front of me while walking jotting down notes as he went along. My oldest daughter would get in trouble for this in High school...hmmm wonder where she got that from... the doodling and listening thing.  By sketching it get my mind in to the focus mode and just because I'm who I am I need to do something with the hands...so a sketch pops out..

Continued to take notes from the workshop...no hand outs in this session....so I asked myself if I could do an abstract, how would I do that.  And this is what came out...using my crayons and pulled out my reinforcement rings that had paint on which were still stuck to the backing paper was a good color and I grabbed them out of art box and used them.

So then went in to the Urban Art mode and this is Felt paper or the underlayment paper you put down before roof shingles it's so cool. Oh Crap did I say that already...my excitement has the best of me..
Being able to work quickly and experiment with product or their lack of it and simple every day hardware material is so freeing..

After most of the day working on the big one above I came back into the smaller MDF board Layer it with my own gesso...he didn't have Kilts with me or is it Kills?  then I too my sketch of the morning meditation... Not sure but I like that it came to this...reconnecting in the woods is about finding myself over and over again...it's not turning away it's accepting your true self.

Well now Blogger is being a bit upsetting this morning....I can't add another picture on. So I'll just leave everything the way it is..

Off for a morning walk and much needed catching up of my own art busy stuff and then heading to Create again for the Artist Fair tonight and to an art tribe friends opening... Life is good.



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