Am a slipping a way.....

No I'm not just knee deep in flip the studio over...I actually moved the tables to other side of the studio and still much work to be rid of a few other tables which I'll be using for the Red Dot sale before they find a good home somewhere else. 

In the mean time the Creative Art Journal class as come to end and I have few photos of everyone's journals.

 A few page from Martha book...she love music and she's going to add to this yet.
 this is Bonnie's Journal and as you can see on one side there is the journaling part...we did a bit of that now and then as we were creating the pages.
 The covers take some time as we work on them you an add piece and papers here and there and then before you know it you've add the wonderful character from the inside out.

 Bonnie was work on two books at  time... The one above is a cut out of a circle and then slipping in a sheet of deli paper or wax paper even and creating a window and the bottom one here is the alcohol and creating a resist effect with it.

 Joan was exploring and venturing out in to wonderful area of creativity, page after page she show...

Loving the color of Dana page here matches her jacket she was wearing on Monday.  We created some packing tape image transfers and the colors just popped through.  And then Dana explored using the sheet music in the window instead of the deli paper...Can't wait to see how that will turn out. All the ideas shared in class are just starting off points...totally impossible to show everything one can do to these Creative journals.  And you have to leave the door open for each individual to discover on their own...that's the beauty of it all. Great Class!!
On Sunday the husband promised the 84 year old neighbor he would take her for a Motorcycle ride.  She's a biker babe from the 40's, had her own bike back She was thrilled to jump on and go for a ride. It made here day...and the husband's too as of saying some day you will do this and then doing it and gracing some one the gift of enjoyment like that.  Lori is barely 100 lbs.  tiny thing...I told him be careful she don't blow off in the wind as you ride...
Well then in the afternoon he took me out for ride before the Greene Valley Hill closed...yes it's a man made trash hill.  Sad but it was awesome standing up there and looking around.

You can see all the way around I took a video of it but the wind was blowing so hard that day it was jumping around and hard to watch it...was making me dizzy...but you get the ideas's off of Greene Road in Woodridge and you can see it from Rt. 53, when I would lead the Girl Scouts on nature hike a few years back I would share with them that we made this huge hill not nature. But from what I understand the gases are being turned back into Com Ed. so with all the trash we through out we are conserve.
Well back to the studio and more work to be done...Postcards where dropped off at the post office yesterday so you should be getting yours soon.


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