Adding the embellishments-Creative Art Jounals

 Here are a few image of some my Creative art Journals, again they are upcycled hard cover books that are glued together and a layer of gesso is added to push back some of the books text and then color is added.
Some pages can be cut mainly to add interest and areas for your personal journal writing.  There's now one way to do these and they can keep growing in to what every you want... but for starters in this class we are just preparing it for this part of it's journey.

 Just recently I had a young fella at the Family Day event where I was demonstrating and share about the classes I teach here at Mayslake and the boy said I can't read your writing...too funny as it's a good thing no one can read my writing I don't have to worry about everyone knowing all the venting I do..hahaha
Here is a morning shot...from the images at the top to this one you can see how I use this. And there's my side kick these $5.00 hand fan and pen ready to go.  I keep sharing this in my class isn't it awesome to turn the page to this color and a surface like this to write on and leave your mark.  Not sure if the class thinks of me like a crazy lady but my heart in so been doing it way to long to stop...

Off to embellish the creative art journals a bit more. And possible do some writing in.



  1. Beautiful! Love them!

  2. Oh April we got a chance to do some journal writing in our books this past Friday, it looks great to see them with the written word on the surface now. One more class next Monday and their on their own.

  3. Just love them, Laura! I keep wanting to do that and keep writing on my same blank pages!


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