A new perspective, What if and letting go.....

I spent pretty much the whole day upstairs going through the artwork, and sorting what to repurpose and what to finally say good-bye to Can't wait till I able to move it all around and flip the space I'm working in. Nothing major but moving my tables around for a new perspective.  
What? say good bye to your creation and never see them again, How can one do that..."Life is about Letting Go"  I was told by a very kind, wise, warm elder, something that I'm learning more about.  Not just with letting go of old artwork but letting go in life itself, learning to bring that in all aspects of my life is a continually classroom session.   Also you can't take it with you when you ticket is pulled right?  and nothing is all that important.  Being able to be alive in the process is so exciting. 
I've said this so many times in my classrooms and workshops that My favorite part is being the problem...as of when creating and you get to the point where most would stop and pitch it or start another piece of artwork...but I myself I love the obsession that comes in and the need to solve the problem...as I say to my students it's the love/hate of the art process. You've got to go through it to understand it.  So I hear this in the workshop this past week and it was like a kindred spirit so to say when you hear another artist chime in on the same thing you know so true for yourself...So....
During my experience in the workshop this past week at the annual Create in Lisle. I only took a workshop I thought was new.   Most of the classes out there on some level I've had the experience.   So I took KenT Youngstroms two workshops...The first one was computers/Photoshop work and then learn how to bring that to the canvas or substrate.  I still have to work on some of the Photoshop stuff.   But while I was there I was listening to all  supplies and materials he uses for his work... Like interior house paints, kilt's primer, Guerrilla glue etc.   that's stuff what you find at the hardware store...hmmm my question is what will happen later on... but then what freedom to work with these materials and to have some fun and wonder What if I tried this?  Well that was the first change of perspective in letting go...a certain kind of freedom....using minimal materials and creating a cool effect with it.  I enjoyed his work, I shared with another student to me it's the chaos with the balance or the like the ying with the yang so to say. Bad and good, the busy with the calm...and in it all is to being and come to the calm.
We are trained or schooled one way and what can happen is it feels comfortable and we can get pigeon hold into the same old same before it we know it but what's great excitement it can bring to life to ask that question "what if?"  So many possibility and doors start to swing open and like I said new life spill out.

This is my only picture I took of Kent in the workshop. The student needed some help with her piece and I could see he was itching to create...well maybe he wasn't but I'll speaking for myself here.  I know when I teach it's so hard to not create too. Well she went home with a KenT Youngstrom demo piece I guess.
On to continued cleaning of the studio and happy to say labels are on the postcard for the Red Dot-Studio Flip and I've actually went through every piece of art I made that is still in the house here...let's say a flash from the past was going on and witness to my own personal growth...all good and all with much gratitude...


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