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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Turning towards creativity

Watched a You Tube,  Found a blog with picture and instructions....and pulled out the scrap material I had left from making Amulets.  I used a thicker elastic and cut it in half...


Then I cut the same size out...silly ones bigger than the other.  Why is one has double layer of coffee filters in it and the other single layer.  

I had this multi colored material that I really liked and cut out two with the pattern I made and well they were a bit larger and seems to fit better and extended the elastic a bit more...I worked on this from about 11:30 till about 3:30 totally focused on cutting, pressing with my tack iron and sewing. Showing pictures on Facebook and Instagram...I was feeling pretty useful as of using what I can and making something of it. Whether we use them or not I will still be grateful I spent the time to try.  I'm not use to wearing a mask...So while I was making the last one Orange, I ware the Blue Mask... just to see what it felt like. 

This is our Kitchen table...lap top under the morning page journal and my other inspirational reading materials. Husband brought in the paper with the dogs, than the Cat, Sophie lays on top of the papers. She loves to roll around on them. 

Morning nap time. 

 Inner Compass Cards, I selected this morning is Grateful...I have a think...yes an obsessive thing. Some years back a friend gave me a gratitude list sheet and I took that as a gift and had a rubber stamp made so I could use my scrap piece of paper and make new Gratitude list that I could care with me and be reminded of throughout the day. 
So this morning I pick the Gratitude card...the intuitive reinforcements are out, as of to help one keep their thinking grounded and coming from the heart.  

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