Thursday, October 03, 2019

Getting a system

Oh to have this my new eCourse are taking shape, I'm finding that I need to get system to keep track of all the information I need to keep track of.  Mainly for income, taxes and email list. The situation of not having to lug things around, (which I still do and look forward to for long time.) has a side that makes one sit behind the computer or even at the table if I was doing it old school and recorded this information.  Learning to balance life is will always be a challenge in many aspects of life, which is ever changing. 

Happy to say I got it all recorded and I think I have a system on Excel...I seem to poke around long enough to happen upon things and joyfully excited when I found how it works. 

Now for the Social Media aspect...that I'm so behind on, share that story is what I need to learn.  But at this time I'm going to but the breaks on and get off and on with the day.

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