Thursday, December 27, 2018

Section of the process

As the story goes....upon beginning the path in the wood I am in awe at the closeness of the crow that flies over the matted prairie areas. 

The marks in the snow make the duel lines, I believe the deer's hooves make this mark. You can tell their path by the criss-cross markings.

There are stick from fallen trees lying around decaying which we all know turns in to humus-dirt. 

Some the areas where I see many falling tall grasses is looks like a maze of layer after layer piled high. 
As I walk along the path leave have fallen and become impacted in the soft muddy surface, once dried it may decompose and leave an embossed print of the leave.

Grass though not tall do grown in bunches and when the season has past the turn a ocher color and  interesting to touch and run your finger through.

I'm using just the raw papers and threads with a bit of double stick tape.  I think I'll work down the piece and then start back at the top again and see if I need to add more details on a small size...Interesting I'm really creating from the sit of my pants..

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    Love seeing you create, " from the seat of your pants!"


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