Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Balance, Contrast, Unity, Pattern and Movement

  the last two here so Movement and Rhythm 

I believe Lorraine has finished the assignments in the book, I'll be waiting for her thoughts on this.  My whole purpose for writing this book was to help other understand the basic in design.  I know from experience that doing it and creating a sketchbook like this really give you evidence and a deeper understand.  Though the way it's used in Art and Life is an ever ongoing movement of learning. I don't think I will done with learning about the design...I love it and love to see how I can use it to problem solve Ideas that I so willing want to express in my art. 


  1. Thanks for the breakdown. I've never seen an explanation of composition so easy to understand.

    1. Thank you Billie....I let Lorraine know...she's a wonderful artist and art teacher of many years...heck she was the head of the art department in Georgia for over 15 year..well close to that I think...she's got the time to explore art again for her self.


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