Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Artist Date, God Jar....

 Beginning of the path out in the woods.

 Queens Ann Lace...dried and in birds nest form hold a bit snow...

 Tall Grass prairie...
The burnt stems from the Blue Grass at the edge of the Tall grass prairie. 

As I came up to the bench there was a symbol left by a path walker before me...had to take a picture. 

 And our last day with the Artists Way Session we played around with God Jars and Boxes.  Each of us brought in some fun stickers and I brought in some line pads of paper and we ended the class with sharing the stickers and preparing small section of paper to write on to put in the God Jar. 

I picked a small one this time and I would love to have it so full of bit's of green paper so when a year is up I can read what I gave to the Good Orderly Direction in my life and what affirmations and good things happened.  God Jar  and here's another site  God Box


  1. Love the snow prairie images...BITTERSWEET is the word that came to my mind because seeing those pictures - especially the snow cupped in the Queen Anne's Lace, brought a flood of memories.
    I saw many similarities between the expansive areas of snow and sky to the expansive areas of sand, sea and sky that I experience where I live. We NEED them, Laura.
    "I ( too ) like the smell of the earth, the touch of waves, the taste of berries, the sight of trees, the sound of laughter, and the feeling of being fully alive."
    I'm so excited to begin again🌅 to be The Light.

    1. Thank sweetie for sharing...being observant is a trained skill that gets lost so easily had we fill our days, weeks and months with so much. it's good to stop and look again. we can always begin again...

  2. I am beginning again.
    But this time, I will try harder to put my thoughts into action. THAT is my challenge.
    Being observant is not enough, but it is how we begin.


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