Sunday, May 28, 2017

Photo's continue from this past week-Dillman's part 3

 The lights seem to be a glare with the shiny polymer Rebecca did the right thing and wear her little hat.
 Lili checking out if the stenciling would be the next step in her collage piece.
 On a wood panel Lili is applying the paint to the collage surface....not sure if it's the next step the polymer layer allows you to test it out and then you can wipe it off.  So experiment this style of creating is.
 Dot working on a mini abstract landscape. Really coming together now.

 Caught Mary Jo using the wax crayons to add a bit of gestural lines.

Here all tack irons are in full use...we are fusing our little hearts out. 

A few of Lisa's works. 
 Lili and Adele's piece next to Lisa's. 

 Mary Lee's finished pieces. 
 Lisa's finished piece. 
 Rebecca abstract landscape,capturing the birch trees and aspen tree's around us. 

Dot's little ditty's 

 Kristine's loved the beige and buff colors and worked the image transfers in after she made the word gesture paper.  Great job of the image transfers...those aren't always easy. 

 One last shot as I look from my table out at this two working hard.

 Mary Jo's love piece's, exploring the colors and using the techniques we learned.
 I shared the feathers I made by creating a image transfer for everyone...and Rebecca used her's in the small exercise piece we did together.

From Left to Right, Lili, myself, front Lisa and Rebecca, back next to me-Mary Jo, Kristine Mary Lee and Dot and Adele.   I heard we created a lot of laughter...which is always the universal language and brings strangers together. May our paths cross for a reason, season or a lifetime...What a great time it was..Northwoods at Dillman's Creative Art Foundation.


  1. I'm always so impressed with the work your students produce during your workshops. You must have a gift for teaching, Laura.

    1. Thanks Billie....They all worked really hard at it too!


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