Wednesday, April 05, 2017

In a contemplative mood...

What would it be like if you didn't notice your feelings today and just got on with your tasks? Would you still be creative and productive?

Recognize the aspects of your Fantasy Self that are not in alignment with the reality of your life. Daydreaming about your talents without acting on them is self-defeating.

Act today as if you experienced yourself as a stable happy person despite your many changing feelings and emotional states. 

Remember at your best you become creative in the basic sense of being able to bring something new and valuable into the world. How can you embody your best today?

How can you improve your relationships today? Can you stop projecting your self-image of being different and misunderstood—and truly see and hear the other person?

So things like these questions rent room in my mind....along with my Creative Quest, now in to the second month...Only doing this for two month....Oh heck whom am I fooling...I do this all every day of my life...

All I say is I thank God for the being able to create...really awesome whole stuff from the deep parts of the soul...some of the art I created is a spillage and other times it express and then it's for the Hell of it...but if I didn't have this kind of therapy...I know I'd have to be on something to keep my act together...thanks God again for being High On Life! 

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