Thursday, March 23, 2017

So You got yourself a re-purposed book falling apart?

Using a book from the library in the section that for sale or resale shop is a great way to re purpose recycle and bring new life to the book.  And for mixed media artist is can be a wonderful experiment platform and sketchbook. 

I personally like to find a book that feels good in the hands.  Some day's it's the chunkiest one and other days it's small emough to fit in our pocket.  As you can see with the monster chunky one I've not even finish the foundation pages.  Might be a really long time. 

 What can happen with books that get uses and abuse in the act of creating like this is the spine takes the brunt of it.  It's what holds it together and when one adds to it...stress and puckering happens. So you can see on the few of my spreads I have a coated wire that I had to attach all page together with.  I got my drill and put three hold in and then the drill bit wasn't able to go all the way through the book. Just not long enough...Eyeballed it and drilled from the back side...With a book like this being perfect is out the door...the wabi sabi it is the better it looks.

Distortion happens...isn't it cool? 

Added some ribbons and such to cover the wire.  I had leather but that wasn't going to do it...pulled apart.  The wire I use for the back of picture frames...twisted it silly under the ribbons. 

Another wonky picture of re purpose book journal. 

Hope this helps out Cheryl Holz

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  1. OMG i didn't realize I'd get a whole blog post as an answer!! THANK YOU LAURA!!!


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