Sunday, January 22, 2017

The design is on..

 The studio space was prefect.... tables and chairs up and there was enough space to stretch this out. Met the Life Drawing class before I came...pretty cool...if I only had time I would like to do it all.

 After my walk in the woods this morning I stopped at Walmart to pick up some poster board to make some stencils.
 Angle shot from the floor level..which I was crawling around and kneeling the whole body will be talking to me tomorrow...that's OK, just happy I was able to do it.

When I did my vision board this year....I had these blue and black feathers on it....they are cool.  Now this feather may be multi colored.  Not sure yet.  Gearing for the BoHo Style of feathers...I think 
I've been wanting to start this about three weeks ago...but life just wasn't open enough for me to start it. 

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