Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Directionally Challenged?

 Mostly prints with small works in the books... priced and accounted for.

 Posted notes stuck to the artwork that is wrapped up in the art supply closet of the studio ready to go for next Wednesday installation of "IN FLUX"  at "If These Walls Could Talk" Gallery in Aurora.
My inner critic will play havoc on me mind and choices...I sit with this mess in my head and heart till one day I get the courage and pick for myself what I want to be in a show....I procrastinate some what ...and wish someone else would be able to pick the works out that will go... Till reality steps in and I have to do it. Yesterday was one of those days...after a good self care morning of shower, yoga and healthy breakfast I pulled out all the works and talked myself quite a bit and changed my mind a few times and then it was settled and the inventory list was created and so are the title cards.  Behind the scenes work going on.

 Prior to yesterday I slipped in some time later in the evening and made the box to go inside the hole I cut out...I'm hoping a human made nest will go in there with fake eggs that I will make.  Had to let the box dry before I start assembling it.  The Violin already has some character emerging. Stood on the studio deck and sanded away in the beautiful fall afternoon...the patio deck at the upper tree top level and it's so amazing the active up there.  I'm in awe of it always.

Today I'm planning on some time with the violin doing some glazing etc and there lies a brown bag....not sure today will be the day for something created on it but maybe this week...

My frame order came in and I need to put that away and varnish and frame up a few piece for the show yet.  Lots of good things going on...

I was just voted in to be a member of the Water Street Studio Collective Co-Op group...and I joined Art Next Level...and a new big idea has surface that I'm excited about...still swarming around in the heart and head....not sure all good though.

A bit of my reality of activities I put my feet into daily, weekly and monthly...Directions my body and art are going. 

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  1. So much exciting stuff happening! I'll be anxious to see what comes of the Next Level group!


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