Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Collage and Assemblage Class Monday

Our first class we practiced the process of tacking down the papers, glazing and using the wax crayons. Now this week we are using our old photos as inspiration to being tell the story or playing detectives and find out what the story is. 
Here Joan is altering some newspapers with acrylic paints. 

 Kay is altering a few photo's she's brought in to work with her other papers there in front of her.

 Sandra is altering with her acrylics a few old currency piece of paper. 

Nancy has used the sandpaper and the cedar canyon templates and the color paper paper made for some very interesting papers. 

Martha will be using a photo of her dad's Hog tell a story about her dad. This should be interesting. 

Here are a few my own paper that I was demoing to the students.  Things to do to the surface and alter them with out really losing the image underneath. 

And my Amaryllis has bloomed, The last one I got a few years ago didn't do well.  But this year I got lucky with it, used my fish tank water to water it. On to looking over some proposal for a few more workshop this year or next.

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