Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Filling in my students.

With missing a week some students didn't make it to class or will be missing others so I was going to write something out to help keep everyone up today...I do have a hand out too but then I thought why not put a quick...quick as raw video together for them...but it's not quick in length so grab a cup of tea or coffee for this...as I ramble away and go off screen with things. And if you want to know about the Zentangles basic's here the link 


  1. Even with my volume turned up to max, I'm having a hard time hearing your words of wisdom, Laura. Maybe it's just me?

    1. So many things to remember....like turn up the volume on the camera when you shoot the video...duh?

    2. Great video Laura...thank you for sharing it with everyone.....you are such a skilled, inspiring, prolific woman! Sound on my i pad was perfect.
      Warm wishes.....xx


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