Sunday, July 05, 2015

Walking in this World Week 4

Well this week #4 was about an sense of adventure and self expression.  And I'm happy to say I did the adventure this week and also consider I slipped in a artist date too. I rambled on about it all a few days ago in a post about going horseback riding.

Now on to the task work...Draw your self to scale, 
This week though seems small was a weird risk of putting out a sketch book and sketching with drawing and painting tools and not paper/collage.  I all to well know the meditative process of looking, observing and getting in to that kind of rhythm and then to self express. But with my own thinking that it's waste of time and that's not getting you where you want to go is it...?  And where do I want to go?

So I'm glad that my one dear friend came in town a few weeks ago and she had pulled out her little sketchbook she cares with her when she travels...the kid in me said I want one of those and wouldn't know it the next time I went shopping there on a end cap was sketchbooks of many sizes. I grabbed one and tore the sticker off and the cover got torn. So I collaged the cover.  

This task ask that you draw and use the sketchbook for many small moments of adventure.  Well I was and still am obsessed with the two rocks I got from my sister that I decided to stay open and play with my drawing tools that way.

Julia's words....A Sketchbook freezes time. It is instantaneous form of meditation focusing us on the worth of every passing moment. So often the great adventure of life lies between the lines, in how we felt at a certain time and at a certain place. This tool will help you to remember and savor the passing parade.

Allow yourself to be task work
As I spend many hours typing up my notes this morning and posting on my blog...I question am I wasting my time doing all this creative recovery work or nonsense?

So now I'm to take pen in hand...10 times dreams and hidden desires

  • I secretly would love to continue what I do and that I mean...reading bits and pieces of books and self express and self examine my inner thoughts. 
  • I secretly would love to have and raise chickens
  • I secretly would love to have a place in the north woods with a big pole barn for my husband and I to be creative in. 
  • I secretly would love to run my own creative art center.
  • I secretly would love to be this wise wild woman. 
  • I secretly would love to have people over more often but my house is so badly under construction
  • I secretly would love to have a horse ranch/creative center/gathering place...Oh did I mention that already? 
  • I secretly would love my extended family members to be healthy in mind, body and soul. 
  • I secretly would love my daughters and sons to find their soul mates, someone to share their life with instead of us. 
  • I secretly love to have drumming sessions.
Now spend some time writing about one of these.....I think I will leave it for my morning pages...

Next task....Carry on a dialogue 

Ok here goes..... 
I would love to be done with my third on line class and be ready to launch all three of them out to the internet. But for some reason I am procrastinating on this. 

When you work with people online before you enjoyed it so much and the work from the students was the cherry on top for you as a teacher. 


So what is holding you back really? 

It's hard work for me to spell it out and sit behind the computer and then upload it all behind the scenes. Some days I enjoy typing but other days I don't and hear criticism about sitting at the computer all day. Can't win for lose. 

You going to let that stop you?   

Julia words...
All successful creative careers are built upon dialogues like the one above. As we both move forward and solidify where we've been, "solid" careers take shape. they are like gardens that require patient nurturance, where no one plant runs wild. 

OK off to live a life today....and feeling a whole lot better for taking the time to comprehend and understand and go deeper with things. 

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