Thursday, June 18, 2015

This is One Day

  Dare Devil in the House...12 x 30 collage on wood panel,  this piece came to life with a Red Roofed Home and then I wanted to put a wooden manikin in there to go with my Faceless People then started cutting in to the panel and building a box.  Went to a book club meeting and the host had a glass frame filled with must have been a good 18 x 24 cool so when I was digging through my many drawers of assemblage stuff I gravitated to the matchbook and it has a picture of Popcorn...I love popcorn...don't eat much anymore...I seem to react body wise to it.

So as this all comes together...I think about the one person in a home that seems to be more of a risk taker then others...or that Dare Devil...and how scary and real it is to live with them...kind of the good with the bad thing...Matches in a house...Oh no, the love of the home and people in it to the outside world that doesn't always look to pretty.  Oh there's more meaning to this but I have to spend some time with it and write it out.

 Yesterday it was small a many directions...but it's those small steps that help...progress not perfection.  When my dear friend came in from Georgia and we spent the day together in the studio I seen she had a small sketch book and it was full of stuff...drawings, collage...mixed media, personal notes extra.  So I collaged the cover of the small sketchbook.  Then this morning after doing my morning pages I thought about the ritual of making conscious contact with something bigger then myself.  And I thought of Anne Lamott...saying in her book, Small Victories...about prayer and this is so simple..."HELP ME" she says...   But then the next step is to listen and be still...with thoughts and actions...something is always revealed and how true that is.  So for the first page of my little sketch book/journal, am reminding myself of this little simple act.  Then the most important part of this is, the last Prayer..."Thank You"  which I will write in there after I get off the computer.

 Yesterday our son Jake, shared picture of his fishing last night...when he was in high school he was never a big team sports kind of person...though he enjoy basketball and did a lot of dirt bike riding.   Any ways the last year of high school they started a Fishing club and though he fished before  it was so cool to see him light up about now he's a catch and release fisherman.  Some big bass he's caught.

 Testing things out...and as I told myself I wanted to get the third online class much has been keeping me from it...mind you all good stuff...or shall I say the many streams of income.
Simplify Design Composition...of course using magazines and a sketch book but moving towards that tack iron...or fusion with some kind of iron.  Starting off with a view finder...of a High Horizontal vertical. .

 On to a High Horizon Horizontal....  I love just picking something that has nothing to do really with creating it Identically.

So here is the first one, sat and watch some Property Brothers on TV and created a small collage in my sketchbook...needing to test the waters before hand.

Speaking of testing I wanted to see how an regular iron would work instead of a Tack Iron...or it's really called  Heat Set Iron... and I'm happy to say it does...I needed to find out, I read that it did but just in case I want to add this into the end of third online class..well that's the plan...

And I want to slow down...oh right?   hard to share that I' this all but it's the small steps that need to done to work towards the next things and I'm rambling this morning about all the funky stuff I'm doing...the family has heard now I do it here.

they say when you feel like your's really that your growing and growing saner....I'm going to believe that one. 


  1. Your view finder seems to be very clever. Did you make it ?

    1. Yes I did make...Email me and I can share the Pdf of it...lonecrow4 @

  2. Your viewfinder design is excellent. I'm copying you. I have several commercial ones but I like this idea a lot, too. Inserting some red cellophane into the opening would be helpful to eliminate color and check values.

    You said you experimented with a regular household iron. I've also used one and like the larger surface and the fact that I don't have to press down so hard as with the tacking iron, and regulating temperature is easier, too. I set my iron on cotton and turn off the steam. I used to use a travel iron but it finally gave up the ghost.

    1. You betcha Jo...I show that to my class every once and awhile...Good to hear about the success you've got with the regular iron...If you want a pdf of the viewfinder email me too at lonecrow4 @ and I send you one...nothing special


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