Sunday, July 12, 2015

I don't know why Sunday as been the Day

Maybe because it was suggest oh so long ago in the first book of Julia Cameron's to start on Sunday or what...but here it is for me. 

Walking in this World- book 2, 

Saying yes to our creative selves may involve saying no to our significant others.  This week focuses on boundaries. The Essays and tasks aim at helping us to define our creative identities as opposed to our many others roles. Expect to feel heightened emotions as energy rebounds into your own court. 

Again I just grab from my highlighted areas and retype it out..helps me with repeat information hoping to get it or part of it...I've got to use all sort of ways to learn things...the best though it to put it into action and use it or do it. 

I won't repeat that here but on the link above is where you would find it... but I do work on the tasks here I'm going to give a good crack now. 

Take pen in hand and finish the following phrase as rapidly as you can;
1.     Among my friends, a “fuse lighter” who makes me feel creative and powerful is….
  • My husband, a close friend in Georgia, my children, walks in the woods, reading thought provoking books. 

2.     Among my friends, a “wet blanket” who drains and dampens me is….
  • People in my life that seem to stay stuck in their muck and complain and are down on life. 

3.     Historically, a relationship that left me depleted from over caretaking was….
  • There have been a few...and I have to be a mother there are times that I have felt very depleted, but then many years pass and a few speaical word would come from one of these children and it made it all better. 

4.     Realistically, a current relationship that leaves me feeling neutered is…
  • At this point I don't have any and want to keep it that way.

5.     My most reciprocal, mutually nurturing creative friendship is with...
  • My husband and Lorraine. 

Do I allow myself to have passion? Yes, Take pen in hand and write yourself a love letter. Be as specific and as affectionate as you can imagine. Save it and put it in you God Jar. This I'll do when I write my morning pages...

Write rapidly to evade you inner censor.
(5) Times each

If it weren’t so selfish, I’d love to try….
If it weren’t so expensive, I’d love to try…
If it weren’t’ so frivolous, I’d love to own…
If it weren’t so scary, I’d love to tell…
 Nothing comes...and maybe it's because I've worked on these things already. 

If I had five other lives, I’d love to be…be an assemblage artists, a Creative art center director, A small farm owner, a hiker, and ....drawing a blank...

Put these in your God Jar. 

Take a half hour to write a letter to yourself. At the end read the letter to yourself and put it a God Jar.
 Suggesting that you make a few simple changes. Write a letter to yourself with only good intentions.  Sample: “Get  more sleep, see less of Annie…Take life drawing classes.”

Dear Creative one, 

I've noticed how you have been really getting back into you health, home and heart.  All so very good places to be mind, body and soul. Continue the connection you have been receiving from that new perspective. You've got an inner compass, and I can see that is has lead you on some great adventures and learning opportunities. 

I've also noticed how you are paying attention to the stressors in your life. No that you have been stopping from doing things but you are making choices about what things you are doing to do and not do. Hard to of letting go of things that you did so many years in a row and now stopped doing them.  You seem happier, content and at peace. 

Continue on this path and yes get good sleep and continue all that know is well and good for you. Nothing wrong with setting some personal boundaries where need be. 

thinking of you always, 

The big guy...

You may have an believing mirror that you feel safe with read the letter to them. Or like me you'll air it on you

much to do today on to week 6 

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  1. I'm writing my letter TODAY. After talking on the phone with you, I strengthened OUR connection, and thereby strengthened MY connection with myself. Thanks, Lady. Always a pleasure stopping by to view your collage chatter. Creative blessings always flow from you. I am grateful to be on the receiving end!


Thank you for stopping by and viewing my collage chatter, many creative blessings and peace to you and yours