Monday, June 22, 2015

Self-Adjustments staying on course

Because I can't help myself...

Week 2 Task work from Walking in this World, and a lead up to it. (I do enjoy seeing what comes up with this stuff.)
Week Two notes

Although may of us have accomplished estimable things, although we may hold demanding jobs and have extensive professional resumes, when it come time to look at our own dreams, we are suddenly struck by a debilitating modesty.   Our dreams seem to big and too good to be true. We doubt our ability to accomplish them.

1. If I let myself admit it, I think I have a secret gift for......Inspiring others.
2. If I weren't afraid, I'd tell myself to try.....teaching workshops in other states.
3. As my own best friend, I would really cheer if I saw myself put a art/project book together.
4. The compliment, I received that seemed too good to be true was.....You have a great sense of composition.
5. If I acted on that compliment, I would let myself try.... to prepare more on-line classes.
6. The best person to cheer me on in my secret identity is....I would have to say not a person, but a spiritual presence.  That Good Orderly Direction
7. The person I should carefully not tell my dream answer there.
8. The tiniest step I could take in my dreamed directions is.....complete the last of three on line classes.
9. The hugest step I could take in my dreamed-of direction is..... to let go of the fear.
10. The step I am able to take that feels about right to me is......continuing on with the artist way, Walking in this World seems to be right on target for me.

So I'm not to write out 1-20 I wishes....
1. I wish for peace
2. I wish for happiness
3. I wish for growth
4. I wish for adventure
5. I wish for continuation of my life now.
6. I wish for my home to get done and not always be under construction
7. I wish for a good quality of life for those family members that are sick.
8. I wish to stay on a rich spiritual life path
9. I wish to be able to continue to be and do what I do as an artist.
10. I wish for happiness for my family members.

I see there is more about others going on...hmm. good quality. Creating a wish list Julia shares helps us remember who we are-and take small concrete, creative actions to reinforce that identity.

I find it's about checking in with yourself and make the adjustments need to stay on a good life's path. There is so much that can pull us aside more so I think then every before and the fight to keep what is true and dear to each of us is different I know. Though the simple process is the one of checking in and making the adjustments that are done once...but some times daily...

This week had to do with Drawing yourself to fuller is still a mystery but one of great beauty.

Three important questions to continue to ask oneself....Why am I ?  Who am I?  and Where am I going?

Be the Sunshine for those that are in the Dark...


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  1. Lovely post, Laura. Lots of inspiration..


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