Monday, June 15, 2015

Just so excited

Authentic and driven with inspiration grounded in spirituality with truthful introspective enthusiastic a hopeful generosity.

I had to put the Positive adjective back up on the screen in front of my face... so much happens in my mind from morning to night and then back to the' a bit scary.  

But what is not scary is the Opening Reception yesterday at Mayslake Peabody Estate.  Though there are a few pieces on the property it was wonderful ideas for this years celebration of the DuPage Forest Preserves 100 years.   The property is great to walk around and see the lake and the building and stop and have a little seat and take it all in.   Having a building that was amazing before become something amazing for the community is so cool...Reuse, Restore and Rebuild....Ok I guess I get very enthusiastic about something and not so on others.  

Had a visitor in the bathroom sink...a large spider and then this morning on the outside of the window by where I do my mornings a large moth was circling around...Not something I've seen....

Butterflies and Moth go through changes and change is inevitable...the moth though spins a cocoon...need to do a bit of school and observing...

As the spider...She's the Web of life so to speak...spinning and connecting all over the place.

Ok rambles as usually...taking sights and sounds to graph out the day...mostly it is unknown.   

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