Sunday, May 24, 2015

Back home and settling in...

It's been a wonderful week, created to the maximum. I usually counter this behavior with walking in the woods but Yesterday, the husband and I walked around the dog park with the dogs. That was nice. Just a few were out there and just what they needed to stretch their legs. Carl's noses gets to soak up all the smells and Hank get to run up and run away...silly boy. There was a Golden Retriever this times that he was having some fun with.

After that all I for sure had to vacuum the van out.  Carl is a shedder and it's every where. Then went to get the bud splatter off the front of the van at the car wash.

Then it was time to haul all the supplies back up to the studio and clean up and replenish,mainly the gesso and polymer bottles I bring with me. Then put my orders in for polymer, tissue paper and a few others.

Got vacuuming up in the studio and the next thing I knew I was down the stairs and the rest of the house.   Feeling a bit exhausted I grabbed my book by Anne Lamott and went in to the tipi and started thing I know the dogs followed me in, didn't take long and we were all taking an good afternoon nap.

A few things I would like to do still to catch is cut the lawn...though the husband did while I was going I do enjoy being the Lawn Ranger-ist.  Brings me peace and a good well rounded feeling when my property is looking as best as I can manage to keep it...though now the weeds and perennials are the same height...soon it will be time for some good honest work of weeding.

This image was a few weeks ago...but you can get the picture. My daughter took it for snap chat or something...

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