Friday, February 06, 2015

Unexpected and what's been happening since the year started

Dreams to Instruct

Just sold this piece to a creative soul in Canada and also sold a print from Fine Art America

Blowout with Purple
 This piece as found home in Grayslake IL 

Leaning towards tomorrow
 This piece was sold a while back but a nice print of 24 x 24 and framed was sold from FAA.
Summer Fun 
Print was sold with framing 

Stacking Rock

                                   Stacking Rock Print sold...or original has been sold also.

Bragging or being surprised by unexpected sales. I take the latter of this all.  When I signed up for Fine Art America two years sat there and sat there and I then decided to up the level  and  then I could put more image on and do different things with it.  I purchased a grouping of cards to see how they looked and to  have for sale at different events.  That was kind of neat to see..and I've sold a few also on FAA.  Then nothing but I watched a dear Mentor/internet friend of mine keep selling like hot cakes. She's a photographer and collage artist.  Well that was all I needed to not give up. Not that I could compete nor did I want to but the ideas of someone selling prints of their work and making enough money from it to take a photograph workshop to Japan, last year was just the kind of hope I needed.

So here I share the things that have been created and sold this year so far.  Both in real life and in print format.  What is the most amazing part is they are all made from paper and collaged but the subject matter is so different.  How could anyone predict what to make...I kind do in some respect then I get rebellious and do what I and the Spirit ask.

Thanks Carol for being my inspiration.


  1. These are lovely pieces - glad to find you on Facebook!

  2. Congratulations, and thank you for spreading around some hope where it is sorely needed.

  3. Well done!! Ten points for hanging in there too.


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