Sunday, January 18, 2015

Doing some service works pays back

Feeling good about doing some service work...not sure if it really should be called that or just being a friend and lending a hand.  Seems that us creative types share and not leave a fallen one behind as they we share our experience, strength and hopes...  No kudos asked for, this is just part of service as Good Egg...and Good Orderly as with all this going on the last couple of days I learned a few things too and still trying to noodle out others.

If you look to your right of this blog post you can see the Calender I've posted, as being a visual, tactile persons I know I like to see this is great to have.  I have my own google calendar that sync up to my phone and now I created another one that I can keep posted with my classes, workshops and events coming I've only added a few...took me a few hours to figure this out so as time allows I'll have more up there with details when you click on the dates...Whaaahooo!  more things to seat behind the computer about..but makes it easier for other to know and see what's going on...well that is if they want to.

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