Saturday, December 20, 2014

Stick with it baby...just stick with it.

Morning mediation, grabbed out of the zip lock bag of magazine scrapes and this what I got...

After just going through the motions not knowing what the out come will be or would be...I'm glad to say the Gal is back on the horse...

To many personal expectation I set upon myself and well I said "F" this and I went to the studio and start tacking down some paper to the my largest of the four wood panels for the next totem-tall piece.

It really bothers me when I set out to do something and I know  how to do it and can't get back there to do it, not no more... Break is over for me...I know I was on a few days kicking and screaming inside to not do any holiday stuff...hard to do and stop to do the family/holiday/shopping etc.  obligations...probably some form of a work alcoholic syndrome or something I've got...?

Any ways new video program is working...Husband sat with me this morning and held my hand as I poked around and put a video together that is for my next class on line...a bit of a lengthy one  and well I've been wrestling with it for a week.  it's not perfect by far but it's done and I'm happy about that. I've got one more to do and then some writing for the handout/pdf's...I went and advertise I was going to teach in Jan 2015...I was going to take that down off my blog here but thought to leave it up for motivations-fire under my butt...kind of things, you know.

I'll be heading into the city by myself today for a two hour seminar, Next Level    so best get going on things...

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