Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sturgeon Bay WI....Stacking Rocks

 After dropping off the Artwork at the Flying pig we headed north up into Door County and stopped along the way...amazing to see the ice still on the lake.  The Husband shared that more water evaporates from the lake when the winters are not really cool and there isn't an layer of ice...and that threatens the water table in the lake that provide water to us all. So in the big picture our cold winter had some good parts to now we haven't lost lost of water this year.
 I had to take a picture of this the shoreline had some of the ice layer breaking up and it the color was so beautiful and how it rested on the surface and was so calm.

 Love old rusty things so had to stop and take a picture of this wonderful old car...Chevy 37 ? If you look very close down by the bumper is a 13 stripped chipmunk or ground squirrel...curious little guy.

 Just so beautiful...with going into the book Gift from the Sea...I am asking about the colors when you come to a beach and you see the colors there...I feel it effects our being and helps us calm down and be more peaceful.

 OK I didn't but almost had the Husband grab the empty tub from the artwork I brought up here out to the  shoreline so I could gather more of the round stones here on pebble beach...but didn't, only gather a to leave them for others to enjoy too.

 As the ice breaks up it starts to wash a shore and here's some big chunks.

 When I see the two of there I can't help but think...we have been together for along time and we've been through a lot of things...and the Husband here says we now are so old we blend in with the rocks...which isn't to bad...since we both like rocks..
 In the moment of deep concentration...choice and letting all the rest go to be there stacking is such an awesome moment...listening the sounds of crows calling and the small ice chips that crash together along the shoreline...not like glass clashing together more like plastic clashing together is the sound...the smells and the air so cool and crisp.

 don't know why but I'm a three some lady and I like to stack a few more then one...just love the forms against the blue sky.
 Finally after I finished mine I got him to let go a bit and start stacking....I almost was helping pick his rocks...but that feels so  have to pick your I backed off and watched hims..didn't take to long.
 He wanted to be a bit more tricking with is balancing of the rocks...they fell down once and then he stacked again.
 The Husband's Stackings
And ours together...I love the view with this huge rock underneath are limestone...all mother nature no concrete. 

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  1. Beautiful! That area is one of my favorite places on Earth. :) I'm glad you had a wonderful time!


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