Thursday, March 20, 2014

Waters Edge-Stacking Rock #1

 Photo in black and white...from printer.
  a bit of sketch...

 First piece of paper applied. and some gestural writing..
 Book pages added...Fused down
 moving down the piece with more paper.
 A grey glazing...
 brushed on and then wiped off..
 Did a bit of stamping..
 Got back from my walk and lunch and fused the rocks on...

Well here's the first of 6 not sure how they will all turn out...I will be needing to make some more paper for the water and I'm sure it will be a different color.. but I've got a big sheet of paper made for the rocks...


  1. I like it. Nice to see the process.

    1. Thanks Jo, one of the series where I'm not sure what directions it's taking and trying hard to trust it..

  2. love when artists share process.
    looking great!
    love this series idea.

    1. Thanks Lynn....right now I'll take that Love....because this is feel like it's got me going through a ugly stage...and not so much for the art as of some distorted thinking and so grateful I can go to the studio and work though it..just trusting IN the process for this one.

  3. It's great to see your step by step process and also somewhat encouraging to know that you run out of the color of paper you want to use, too.

  4. It's a beautiful first piece!


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