Monday, January 27, 2014

should I or shouldn't I...?

Not sure if I should call it of cancelling class...I'm giving it till 8:05 am call Mayslake to see if they are even open today...seems the last time they closed it after I decided to cancel the class...

And tomorrow too I have a class and not sure what to do...with wind chill it makes it feel colder against the skin...More will be revealed....

Pictures from last weeks class at Naperville, The Art of Layering in Collage.

 I share with the students a little bit about shapes and this one book by Angeles Arrien, Signs of Life. The Five Universal Shapes and How to use them...Everyone was to go home the week before and play around with some designs to create with the wood blocks and the fun foam. We glued them down with just a nice thick layer of polymer and let it dry...I try now to get on the fun foam.

This class has many weeks of exercise where we really just play around and push the issue and cover them up and push back some thing and making gestural marks with other tools and see how it evolves. So many choices....I like to think of the cause and effect theory there.  Some piece may turn out and other not... it's about process...we are so busy wanting a good end result and not knowing how to get there...that we have to remember we didn't just become born and start walking and then had a good job...just doesn't work that way in anything I've to process and the art of playing with you art supplies and exploring a bit of cause and effect. 

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