Sunday, November 24, 2013

Caught the Most Interesting man....

So with cleaning the homestead and getting ready for the Holiday and family...Our under construction home (still drywall and patches unfinished plywood floors but it's home) is getting a few the old couch has a stretch cover on it and then we through the afghan and a few blankets on it to keep it fresh till at least Thursday....the poor couch/Hanks bed.  

As I was running around doing what I do best at this time year(Cleaning) I caught the Most Interesting Man in the World and his cuddly buddy sleeping.   By the way Hank got skunked again just three days before the cleaning started in the I've got major Cinnamon scented pinecones and candles burning, bleached the floors and washed the heck out of Hanks face.  It was almost a close one this time...His nose and side of his face got it, thought he got in the eye which would have burned so bad...still I flushed it with some cool water...When will the big guy fitting to have the home smell like skunk...well what can you do....grin and bear it and hope the turkey cooking on thanksgiving day will take care of the last bits.


  1. what a cute photo! Our home is also still in renovation pose.. nothing really finished or ready... I feel with you!

  2. Oh it's what makes a home a home right...all the imperfect's so much character it's busting at the seams...ha...ha...ha...and I'm sure you know what I mean by that..

  3. the warmth and comforts of home...cute photo! Both snoring and dreaming away. nice.

  4. did I say how I love this man....well I do.


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