Thursday, October 03, 2013

Grounding and Balance....

Revisit of a Tack Down Tuesday...."Creativity is an Response"

Feeling more in balanced and grounded lately...I've finished my morning pages, completed an beginning routine of Yoga, had a little breakfast and I'm up in my studio, I have list.   I've got to put away some thing from my class on Tuesday....always good to keep up the studio cleaning so that when I come in to My Space I don't get that ugly feeling and turn around and walk out.  Yesterday I realized that I finally create MY space...I'm looking for a comfy chair though so I can really hunker down and light a candle on those days when just being alone is all that is ask for. 

Some great announcements are going on with a couple of books that my work is published in and winning another Best of Show, two months in a a shower of good orderly direction going on I guess.  Hard work does pay off....or just keep doing what you love to do and see where it takes you. 

On a different note: Oldest Daughter calls to talk to Husband/Dad and see what to do about her muffler that is falling off.  Well with technology Stevie was able to take a photo of it send it home to Dad, he was able to look at it tell her that the "Catalytic Convert was stolen right out from under her.
What a trooper the Daughter is she crawled  under used Coat hangers and wrap up what was left hanging and got home.  The Rescuer our Son Jake with the Welding back ground welded what need to be and they Father and Son,  fixed it as best that can till she can get a new Catalytic Convert...some major $$ to fix.  Was good to see the working together to save the day...

People are stealing them because of the Platinum in there...worth almost as much as gold. So if you're in the city be aware when you start you car up and it sounds super loud this is probably what happened.

Well to the list...going to also work on adding more on Inventory Excel file and get that all caught up..

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  1. 'Doing what you love to do' is the key, Laura. I'm very happy to revisit Tack Down Tuesday with you.


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