Sunday, September 22, 2013

19th Annual Harvest Pow Wow in Naperville

Enjoyed my day off with a friend yesterday at the 19th Annual Harvest Pow Wow at the Naper Settlement. It was a beautiful day for a Pow Wow.  The smells of sweet grass, sage and good frye bread where all around us along with the sounds of bells, and giggling bits. The colors of everyone's Regalia was awesome.

As the day went on different dancers came and went but for the most part while we were sitting down we experience so many dances. 

 the beginning of the Honor Dance...

 After the elder couple passed then you join in but I think you great them first and walk to the back of the dance line.

 The Elder couple are the parents of the head dancer here, last year they were both very sick but this year they made it with smiles on there faces.

 I'm in awe over the regalia they were.
 This elder was pretty old and move with grace across the arena.
 forgot what dance this was...
 Oh how I wished I could get a good clear shot but this is as best as I can get...but the Native American dancer was really looking good as of everyone one to take a picture of him after he finished dancing and stepped out of the arena.   Authenticity was there.
 This Shawl dancer was the wife of the dancer above I believe...she was wearing a shawl of horse I just was in awe over that too...I wonder if my mouth was hanging open...guess it wasn't because I'm sure my friend Robyne would have said something..
This dance was an intertribal dance that is where everyone can get up and dance...some day I'll do that but having built up the courage for it yet...I know it will be a great experience but afraid of looking like a know the old dance thing from High school.

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