Monday, July 29, 2013

Sunday Morning by the lake

 The Faris wheel at Navy Pier,  don't know but not one of my favorite rides... I need to be grounded.

 Some where inside of the Navy Pier is this garden area of paradise and we stopped in.

 As you can see Randy was attached to the water and the guys working on how the water comes out of the fountain things...always willing to give a hand.

 This guy posing for us. Out further in the back ground is the row rocks and wood, I think it's to break the waters...not sure but anyways it was loaded with seagulls and other water birds.

 Far far away is Indiana...I've saved this image to see what I can do with it later for an Abstract landscape.

As I said it was Sunday Morning and the cloudy were over us with some sprinkles happening now and then.
 Here is the Grand Ball Room that I will have some art in around September it was really nice to see the place and where to park.

 North side of Navy Pier...Randy snapped a picture, not much happening on this side of the Pier but it was such a cool cloudy filled morning one couldn't help but enjoy.

We have been talking about going on a boat tour for some time. Then Randy's boss said they did it...well you know how things happen...we followed along and when Yesterday.  We couldn't  have picked a better day to do it.  Left the house around 7:00am and drove out there early.  Had Breakfast at the Mc Donalds....haven't eaten there in so long, Fast food sausage Mcmuffin with egg is this gals favorite...and a cup of coffee.  I was set to walk around and waste time seeing and filling myself with new sights.  Randy was clicking his little camera all over the place.  He's got a internet friend in New Zealand that he likes to share image of place with so I'm sure he'll be sending them out.  Out boat tour started at 10:00 so we had time to kill and did it wisely too.

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