Friday, July 26, 2013

Research-Field Musuem, Lascaux exhibit

 Quietly all week I had planned to go to the Field Museum.  I had the Husband if he wanted to go on the weekend and I really didn't get a yes or no....not his thing.  Well I've been thinking about going since a student of mine Anne in my last class "Basic Design in Collage" suggested I go see the exhibit. So with the passionate obsession about horses I've been soaking in everything and anything to do with them.  So I weeded the side of the house where my garden and old drive way is and then around 10:00 am I cleaned up and went for it....I asked my daughter and her boyfriend if they wanted to go but had other plans...So as an Artist date should be...alone I drove down I 55 and parked my Transit in the Soldier Field parking and walked out on a beautiful waterfall honor the men and woman of service.  And then I saw the size of the Field awe I was there all by myself soaking this in. I'm glad I went by myself. 

 I brought my new sketchbook I purchased made of Goat skin and brought my supplies and a big bag with tea and an apple.  Had my camera with my phone in hopes of taking some pictures but no go on that one...they didn't allow you to do that.

So on this page if you read I experienced something I hadn't in along time and that was to just open up that sketch book and daringly start sketching...The critic in me was inching up over my shoulder but I fought it down with I'm here because intuitively I'm suppose to be....Something is going on and I don't know but I have to experience this all and even if I don't do a damn thing with it...I'm living a dream of research and finding out. After sketching a few of the Lascaux images I felt connected to the artist from before...

the saying on the wall said this..."it is through art that [we] become human" Jean-Paul Jouary, philosopher

I kept turning the pages and sketching little bit of the experience...amazing no, Awesome experience.
 Then a art marketing group I belong to went to the Art Inst. to see the fashion exhibit I opted to pass with preparing and packing for the workshop I just completed I know I would be overwhelming I slipped in this exhibit at the field museum.   Fashion Designer ..Maria Pinto designed clothing from the past...kind of cool. The one above is made from animal intestines, and then she created the black outfit on the right.  Taking from what was and recreating something with the materials that are around us to use.
 Ceremonial outfit
 this was to show armor

 using animal hide
 Just over all pretty cool...well my four hours were about up before I would have to pay more for parking so I opted to head home. 

 I've never been this close to Soldiers Field before...though I hoot for the Bears I not found the need to see a football game but the building and space is really cool.

Ok back to getting read for Creative Art Journaling Class this Monday morning...still room for more if anyone would like to explore that.


  1. What a wonderful "artist's date"! Love your sketches!

  2. Thanks April...I don't sketch as much I had would hope to...just can't do it all but it sure did feel good.


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