Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What makes each day special?

Tomorrow I turn 52 and not that I'm looking for big birthday wishes it more like this is my day the day that I was introduced into this big world of ours and why not have a week long celebration.  I never got the whole afraid of how old you are and pretend your younger deal...but then I'm not fight for job where the young ones get maybe that's why. I want to grow old gracefully and accepting what is has always helps me be as real and true to myself as I can.

Heck I've heard some people take the whole month, but I think I'll stick with the week. So I started on Monday and thought what can I do to make each day special for me, what does it take to do that.

I gave it some thought but it didn't have to take too long to know what to do. My attitude about who I am and all that I have in my life now.  Gratitude for each new day, for the roof over my head, for the opportunities I've been give and for the things I do have in my life now.

So this past Monday I decided to wear a dress, I do like to wear them and feel the flow of the material and the freedom of things not binding up anywhere.   And that goes along with a something I learned a long time dress up and wear something you really like to wear for no special reason.  You know I really felt very special all day long... never really takes much to make one feel good.

And yesterday I was able to get out to the woods early and was delighted to see a pair of Red Tail Hawks circling above me and a few doe's, the sounds of all the birds and the grace of an indigo special is that.  I stopped off at the local market and picked up a few things for the home.  The home and the family how blessed I am to have them and it. Yes a home not perfect, not finished but something that was built together with a best friend. 

I put the food away from shopping and went outside to cut the lawn...yes on my second special day of celebration I'm out cutting the lawn. The weeds are as tall as some of the flowers in areas but I've worked hard out there this spring which has been a really full wet spring has made the plants go crazy with the green sign of growth.  The feeling of cutting my lawn and making it look the best that it can was a very special feeling. And the history of what the yard has been in the past. Trampolines, pools and even a mini dirt track for my son and his mini bike.

Visited with my mother in law for little while before she and my youngest daughter went out to get a pedicure before they leave on there week long vacation to Myrtle beach.  I then got cleaned up and put on a dress nothing special, just sleeveless sundress and sat out back on my patio and had lunch and did some writing I needed to catch up on.. yes most of my days are like this and by myself...I wonder if that's good or not but it feels so natural.    I realized again at a different age that it's important to think of yourself in a special way or to change the attitude so that you feel good, with gratitude and with grace...Yes I have to admit when I'm in this mind set I feel I'm in Gods Plan for the day.  Some say it's about being in the present moment...I believe that its the place where you meet your maker the gift of the present.

I've been eating the heck out of Red Raspberries and Cabbage in the form of Cole slaw and Sauerkraut. Right now I'm having scrambled eggs and sauerkraut, if I had potatoes I would be in heaven but trying to stay on the less carb side of things.

And today I will find another dress or skirt and put that on and head to my studio for the morning. strange as it sounds, nothing pleases me more then to dress up and put my apron and head to the studio.  I tried to share with my husband  but he's just said yah yah yah...goofy wife...ha ha ha. no he didn't say that but it really didn't matter much, just a artist wife he has... who is with much gratitude for his hard work and grace with a awesome job as an artist.

The week continues and I'm kind of excited about the way this attitude thing is working what makes a day own personal attitude I feel and being in the present moment as much as possible.


  1. Happy birthday, birth week, birth month! From one Gemini to another, wishing you a wealth of creativity and all the time in the world to pursue it.

  2. Hi Carol, Thanks you and going to copy and past that right back you...with extra time for you to pursue your creativity too.


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